I’m a  native San Franciscan and I completed an MFA in Sculpture at the Academy of Art University in 2010, following a 1992 BFA in Illustration. 

I joined the faculty of the Academy’s Illustration Department in 1994, initially as Director of Illustration. My main focus as Illustration Director was integration of new, digital media into the traditional baccalaureate curriculum. More recently I have spent several years promoting the Academy and its graduates throughout North America as Director of Alumni and Industry Outreach. My challenge lately as Director of Digital Arts Education Technology has been to identify emergent disruptive technology and incorporate/integrate those into existing fine arts curricula, creating courses for fine artists, illustrators, sculptors, jewelry designers, fashion designers and others. Working with author Marilyn Burns, I illustrated the best selling children’s book, The Greedy Triangle, one of the most widely-used math text in grammar schools everywhere. 


My artwork explores color and shape, as influenced by pop-art and 20th century pulp advertising. I use digital and traditional media interchangeably. My prints are produced with an industrial sign-making technology that embeds the colored ink into the surfaceof polyvinyl chloride sheets. Sometimes prints are cut out using a computerized router or laser-cutter to create optical illusions and depth. My artwork is ephemera’s handmaiden;

I intentionally use processes that make the art affordable and accessible

to everyone.


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